UFO: Blackstorm Shield Tips and Tricks Guide

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Aliens are attacking your world, and there’s only one person who can stop them: you! UFO: Blackstorm Shield is an epic combination of an arcade and a tower defense game that plays like a souped-up version of Space Invaders, complete with unique units and upgrades. Think strategically as you dart around stealing energy from aliens and using it to power your weapons and your thriving network of defense towers!

UFO: Blackstorm Shield turns the arcade defense genre on its side with a challenging set-up that’s easy to learn but tough to master. Aliens slowly descend from above, shooting at your city as they lower themselves for a full-on kamikaze attack. To keep them at bay, you’ll need to absorb some of their shots to power your weaon with energy. Structures you build need energy to function, too, which means you’ll spend just as much time transferring power to and from your defense network as you will attacking alien scum!

Getting started with UFO: Blackstorm Shield may seem overwhelming, but after a few waves you’ll get the hang of it! Building a successful defense strategy is vital to your survival, and there’s more than one tactic you can adopt to ensure the safety of your home world.

UFO: Blackstorm Shield Hints and Tips
• Start by researching the shield and generator buildings, then placing several along your planet’s surface.
• Early in the game you won’t have to take energy from buildings very often. Leave them topped up while you focus on taking in as many alien bullets as you can.
• Once you have some basic protection in place, go ahead and spread your research points around. Labs are a great early investment.
• After a few game days pass, buy a flak gun and upgrade your shields for the upcoming swarm.
• Keep flak and machine gun buildings on reserve for troublesome swarms of enemies. You never know when they’ll come in handy!
• Batteries can make or break your day. Don’t underestimate their usefulness!
• Your ship is the planet’s key to survival. No matter how much you build, your flying and energy transferring skills will be what saves you!

UFO: Blackstorm Shield Upgrades Guide
Making the most of your research points is key to surviving in UFO: Blackstorm Shield. Invest wisely and keep everything charged and you might have a fighting chance!

Shield – Shield structures extend a barrier that protects nearby buildings from enemy fire. An indispensable backbone for any planetary defense.

Laboratory – Labs produce research points after each wave, allowing you to level up your equipment at a much faster rate. Group them together for a points production bonus. Don’t buy too many early on, as they don’t provide any protection from attack.

Generator – Buildings need power to run, and there’s no way you can keep everything charged on your own. Create generators to keep things operational, and make sure you have enough to power everything.

Flak Gun – A great offensive structure that gives you an explosive flak attack when fully charged. Top up its energy when you need some extra oomph. Great to have on reserve for those tough alien ships.

Machine Gun – A strong rapid fire burst shot that works a bit like the flak gun. Charge the building and blast away!

Damage Control – A sweet little building that repairs your city after every wave. If your planet tends to take a lot of hits, pump all the research you can into this piece of tech as early as you can. You won’t regret it.

Battery – Buildings that store energy. Fill them up when enemy fire is abundant, then feed off of them when you need to refuel. Don’t worry about building them until you gain some familiarity with the game.

Play Ufo: Blackstorm Shield here!

Play UFO Blackstorm Shield


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