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Top 5 Zombie Games


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    Top 5 Zombie Games

    Zombies are a staple of culture, and likewise, our rotting friends have become a staple of our hobbies, enhancing many games with their brand of menacingly slow terrorism.
    Here we’ll take a look at five of the best flash games to include these rotting rock-stars in various inventive ways.

    Boxhead 2Play Rooms play here!

    The iconic Boxhead series – famed for its particular and recognizable art style and slick game-play that has you mowing through all manner of zombies from the instant you begin.

    There aren’t many blocky feet this series puts wrong. A good, gradual difficulty curve that starts you out against a few scattered mobs and eventually pits you against veritable hordes interlaced with different types of enemies will keep you properly engaged as you’re forced to improve in the face of a constantly rising challenge.

    Appropriate introduction of new weaponry and their subsequent upgrading complements this increase in difficulty by likewise rewarding and incrementally increasing your combat capabilities.

    This fourth installment of the acclaimed series allows you to play with friends worldwide as you can both enter the world as a lone wolf or flanked by your allies for a whole new variety of zombie-slaughtering fun. You even now have the ability to pit yourself directly against your friends in a death match mode.

    On-top of all of that throw in a massive array of weapons that serve a wide enough variety of purposes to let you and your friends dream up some seriously complex tactics and you have a traditional top-down zombie game with a ton of replay-ability.

    Zombies, Inc. play here!

    Zombie Inc

    Spicing up the usual formula and – instead of the boots of a freedom fighter – placing you in the ragged, tattered clothes of the Zombie themselves, Zombies, Inc takes a humorous, unique approach to the end of days that makes for a memorable game.

    Given the management reigns of the titular company ‘Zombies, Inc.’, the player is tasked with the role of financially providing for the surging apocalypse by micro-managing various upgrades and directing your bitey brethren in any way you see fit.

    A well-made and thoroughly addictive company management game spliced with a few RTS tinges that gives you enough variation in the things to buy and approaches you can take that it facilitates enough different strategies and approaches to make your head spin or at the very least warrant another play-through.

    Fit all of this into a simplistic interface that makes the intimidatingly vast amount of choices seem much more user-friendly and much less daunting – Zombies, Inc. is well worth the play and even more worth the replay.

    Necronator 2 play here!

    Necronator 2

    Necronator 2 is an RTS game – a genre that is very complex, methodical and measured by nature – that gives you a choice of sides; you can either be the king attempting to rebuild his empire in the face of a shambling onslaught of the walking dead or the necromancer commanding the army of rotting flesh tearing down the king’s walls.

    Necronator 2 approaches its game-play with the thoughtfulness require of its genre. Given full command of whichever army you choose you’re set out into the world to play God and order them around to capture, defend, destroy of build whatever you choose. The game doesn’t falter one bit on any of these core elements that define the RTS genre with an easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master approach that suits it well.

    Given a slew of levels throughout the world to romp through numerous enough to keep anyone’s attention for a prolonged time – and if that wasn’t enough, easily modified difficulty settings and a set of side-quests to go along with each level that serve to spice up the challenge – Necronator 2 is a precise, strategic and thoughtful affair that does its genre proud.

    Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 play here!

    Earn to Die 2012 Part 2

    Who doesn’t love killing zombies? Who doesn’t love fast, potentially spike-covered cars?

    So it stands to good reason that anybody would love a game that sets you out with the sole intent of killing many, many zombies with a brutish, spike-coated car – that’s exactly the niche that Earn To Die 2012: Part 2 fills.

    Taking what it does and doing it well, Earn To Die employs a simplistic, three-buttoned control scheme – and even then you’ll likely only be holding down one of those buttons in order to hurtle yourself through the levels at increasingly breakneck speeds.

    The game’s strengths shine in its expansive upgrade system wherein you can do everything from increase your levels of fuel to allow yourself to make it further in the levels, to get yourself a better engine, a mounted turret or even those aforementioned satisfying spikes that’ll have you gutting through platoons of zombies with unprecedented efficiency.
    A formula that’s easy to wrap your head around, immediately satisfying, fast and frantic game-play and, have we mentioned? Spikes on cars ramming zombies.
    What’s not to love?

    Infectonator 2 play here!

    Infectionator 2

    One of the most popular flash games of current times and the second part of one of the most popular flash series of all time. And it’s easy to see why.

    Downright oozing replay value thanks to an immense amount of content to play through and the ridiculously broad selection of methods you can play through it with – Infectonator 2 takes everything the original smash-hit game did and turns the dial up to 11 on it.

    More minions to control, more levels to play-through and more of the zany humor that characterized it, Infectonator 2 does nothing wrong and only serves to bolster its pre-existing strengths.

    The strength of Infectonator 2 lies in its sheer diversity of the ways you can tackle the challenges set before you. A walkthrough of this game would be no more than a compilation of helpful hints and advice because there truly is no one set way to achieve victory – rather there are hundreds, if not thousands, all of which demand your attention and mind to be set to to accomplish.

    One of the most engaging time-sinks you’ll find on the internet, Infectonator 2 stands as a testament to the zombie flash games genre.

    Well, there you have it. Those were some of our favourite zombie flash games; agree with our choices? Disagree? Let us hear all about your opinions and what are your particular favourite zombie games throughout the annals of Flash History.

    [See the game at: Top 5 Zombie Games]

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