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Retro Spotlight #3: Super Mario 63


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    Retro Spotlight #3: Super Mario 63

    Play it here!
    Some of the best Flash Games come about as original ideas. Whilst some others are spawned as loving homages to great franchises. Re-imaginings of much-beloved stalwarts. A new, flash-based twist on something we all already adore.

    Supermario 63

    Super Mario 63 is a game along the lines of the latter. Except it doesn’t just tribute one Mario game – it tributes many – it sends a fervent love, well-written love letter to the entire legacy of one of Gaming’s Hallmark mascots.

    63 Surgically gracefully and seamlessly transplants all of the strengths of it’s predecessor into a side-scrolling format. Its upbeat, cheery music acts as a constant companion throughout course of bright, wholesome and fun levels before you.

    The gameplay feels rewarding and is amply spiced up by various gimmicks seen in various game’s throughout Mario’s vaunted life-span. The watery jetpack seen in Gamecube’s ‘sunshine’ makes an appearance as well as the rarefied ability to stomp and spin seen in some of Mario’s other outings.

    It feels like the creator drew from a real well of knowledge to impart Mario’s entire playbook to you to toy with and it really makes the game better for it.
    But just reading about it isn’t enough, if you want to truly experience and enjoy Super Mario 63 you;kk have to stomp through it yourself! Worry not, it’s a part of Helpagames Retro Archive, so give it a go whenever you want!

    [See the game at: Retro Spotlight #3: Super Mario 63]

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