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Retro Game Spotlight #1: Treasure Arena


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    Retro Game Spotlight #1: Treasure Arena

    Every week we will be examining a retro-style game and present it to you. First up:

    Treasure Arena play here!

    Treasure Arena

    Developed by Vennril the game is placing emphasis on hectic multiplayer game-play, Treasure Arena is a retro arena PvP game that provides days worth of fun.

    Placed in an arena with three other people or AI with the choice of one of three classes you’re set to duke it out, murdering eachother for your coins and vying to accumulate the most.

    The arenas are well-designed. Diverse enough to keep the game-play fresh and visually appealing within the sprite style.

    They’re also chocked full of enemies that you can reap for coins should you wish to play the proverbial pacifist and avoid your fellow players. A nifty variation to the gameplay that offers another approach.

    Three different classes beget three different play-styles. Versatile enough in themselves to provide enjoyment within the bare-bones PvP mode of the game, the true variation comes from the unique weapons.

    Periodically deployed in treasure chests they offer a rewarding difference in ways you can rip apart fellow players. Those who don’t manage to nab these special weapons aren’t too handicapped with just their faithful default weapons through clever play.

    The hectic pace – though usually its strength – can sometimes be a frustrating downfall as a weighty lead can go to nothing in the span of a second as multiple others target you – an infuriating byproduct of the genre.

    Treasure Arena is a fun game with lots of replay value that can devour many hours. At times it has a tendency to be unforgiving – get past that and you have a true retro gem.
    [See the game at: Retro Game Spotlight #1: Treasure Arena]

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