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Game Spotlight #6: Cyber Chaser: Counterthrust


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    Game Spotlight #6: Cyber Chaser: Counterthrust

    Play it here!
    Cyber Chaser: Counter Thrust is a fast-paced re-invention of a classic game with all new landscapes and environments to shoot your way through. It plays to many of the strengths of the original – albeit expanded upon very nicely.

    Cyber Chaser - Counterthrust raw

    The gameplay rapidly becomes hectic as you jump and stomp through increasingly more filled out stages moves forward faster and faster with more ludicrous weapons. Your choice of upgrades feels legitimately pivotal in your quest to progress onwards as each of them can change this delightfully simplistic game in a satisfyingly broad amount of ways.

    Couple those upgrades with the on-stage upgrades to be found and there’s an astonishing depth to a remarkably basic concept. Though, this game isn’t without its flaws: coins and gems can quickly clog the screen with their size and mask any incoming enemy projectiles, leaving you at their mercy as your attention is focused elsewhere.

    That minor blip doesn’t cloud what is otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable, replayable and addictive game, though. If you seek a flashy experience that will take you aback with its “substance over style” approach, this one may be for you.

    [See the game at: Game Spotlight #6: Cyber Chaser: Counterthrust]

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