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Game Spotlight #5: The Last Samurai


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    Game Spotlight #5: The Last Samurai

    Play it here!

    The Last Samurai is a fast-paced platformer that puts you in the role of a small, bandana-wearing rectangle that hurls throwing stars at inhuman rates.
    Sound absurd? Well, the entire game kind of is. So don’t worry.

    The Last Samurai raw

    Despite the simplicity with which your character and the enemies are designed the graphics have a sleek, sharp charm to them. Punctuated by how pleasing those aforementioned throwing stars are to behold when they rocket out of your palms at incredible speeds.

    The gameplay – much like its visuals – touts a similar straightforward appeal, though with a few added quirks that build well around them. The easily grasped formula of “Run! Jump! Throw things at people!” is supported by the interesting ability to deconstruct a lot of the landscape around you. Your stars carve away at the dirt and your grenades blow away multiple blocks at a time. Think of yourself as a star-throwing, wall-jumping, grenade chucking version of a minecraft character in a side-scrolling format.

    Throw the task of collecting scrolls in every level into this enthralling mixture of rewarding, surprisingly unrestricted gameplay and eye-catching visual charms for some cheap, quick replay value and what you’re left with is a game that – despite being scarily easy to grasp – can provide an even scarier amount of play-time.

    If quick thrills that can stretch over an astonishingly long time is what you seek, The Last Samurai has your back. Just don’t expect any mercy from the other Samurai – or the whirling circular saws.

    [See the game at: Game Spotlight #5: The Last Samurai]

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