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Game Spotlight #4: Trinitas


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    Game Spotlight #4: Trinitas

    Play it here!

    Trinitas is a Tower Defense game. But not a usual Tower Defense Game. It’s not a top-down, building-placing affair as they usually are. Trinitas concocts a surprisingly in-depth experience by joining the merits of a Tower Defense game with that of a shooter on a horizontal plane.


    You assume control of a character – one of three different ones, given the campaign – and aim his automatic attacks at encroaching enemies. This may seem as if it lacks that aforementioned depths, however there are numerous other things you must take into account.

    How will you spend the hard-earned gold you accumulate through killing baddies at the end of a level to upgrade yourself? On a new weapon? A stat upgrade? A new skill? And on the topic of skills: what should you use where and when? Sure, you only have 4 abilities but implementing them correctly can be key.
    As you can see, an experience that seems fairly paper-thin – aim and allow the aggressive little man with a bow or stave perched atop the tower do the work for you – becomes an impressively complex one as layers of strategy are blanketed on-top.

    All of that alongside the three campaigns is easily enough to absorb vast, disconcerting swathes of your time. Trinitas is an inventive shooter that’s easy to play and even easier to come back to. Just watch out for those sappers; they’re an absolute nightmare.

    [See the game at: Game Spotlight #4: Trinitas]

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