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Game Spotlight #3: Clear The Ice


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    Game Spotlight #3: Clear The Ice

    Clear the Ice will challenge nearly every aspect of your thinking. Strategic, lateral, tactical and predictive. Given the obvious task of, well, clearing the ice, you can only actually remove this colored ice if it falls into a grouping of two or more.Though the concept is simple the level of thought and planning that goes into it as you meticulously plot out the course of your game is deceptively in-depth and becomes more and more brutally challenging as levels progress.

    Clear the Ice raw

    Many-a-time have we been caught out towards the end of a level only to be forced into a reset as we’re left with nothing but singular blocks – uncrackable on their own. Fortunately, the game has some mercy on you should this be the case. Five Red Hearts per level of mercy, which allow you to destroy singular blocks, clearing them out of the way. Though this does help, it also serves to add yet another layer of thought and strategy to this simplistic yet masterfully challenging game.

    If you seek a game that is easy to pick up, fiendishly difficult to master and will kill time off faster than you’ll be shattering blocks of ice, Clear the Ice – our game spotlight of this week – may just be your best friend.

    play it here!
    [See the game at: Game Spotlight #3: Clear The Ice]

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