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Game Spotlight #2: Immense ARmy


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    Game Spotlight #2: Immense ARmy

    Idles games are a unique genre. Though you can outright ignore their gameplay, allowing them to progress on their own, they can be some of the most engaging, immersive and difficult to break free of games out there – Immense Army proves this trend true with a fresh, unique take on them.
    Immense Army
    Given a quick tutorial of the game that condenses all the necessary information for potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay depending on your dedication – or obsession – you’re given free reign over an army.

    Beginning with humble swordsman though eventually expanding out to Archers, Theurgists and Warlocks, Immense Army adds an active element to gameplay. Though sitting, waiting for proper funds to accumulate and riches to amass is the majority of what you’ll be doing you can also partake in battles in a series of progressively more challenging lands, unlocking the next as you complete the former.

    These battles can be helped along by clicking to damage the enemy units and you can even dictate the methods your units take – you can be straightforward and attempt to minimize casualties with the utmost aggression or take a more risky approach, losing more units in the pursuit of capturing enemies to put to use in your mines, increasing your ability to make all-important gold.
    Overall, Immense Army is an interesting take on a genre renowned for its uncanny ability to enthrall and what it does it does well, it’s unique active element keeping it fresh in ways other idle games are not.

    [See the game at: Game Spotlight #2: Immense ARmy]

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