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Aztec – Tactical Conquest Tips & Tricks Guide


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    Aztec – Tactical Conquest Tips & Tricks Guide

    Aztec – Tactical Conquest Tips & Tricks Guide

    Ever wanted to conquer an ancient empire using nothing but strategy and muscle power? Hey, that’s what Aztec – Tactical Conquest was made for! This easy to play free strategy browser game puts you in charge of an army marching across the land taking out civilization after civilization. Choose your battle formation, upgrade your units, then square off against warriors as you pit your own strategy and tactics against your foe’s.

    Aztec – Tactical Conquest takes the middle path down the free strategy game line. You don’t have an overwhelming number of units to manage, but the ones you do have you get to upgrade. The core of the tactical experience rotates around choosing a battle formation and focusing on each round of combat like your life depended on it. Which, it does! Strategy, strategy, strategy, that’s the key. You can’t stumble your way through this game, so study each level and get ready for a good challenge!

    Tips and Tricks for Aztec – Tactical Conquest
    • When entering a battle, the first thing you’ll want to do is size your opponent up. Check their formation to get an idea of what tactics they might adopt, then mouse over the units to see what’s coming your way. Lots of melee attackers? Prepare for that. Lots of archers? Take cover, or take them out!
    • Focus on eliminating whole units instead of spreading your attacks around. Fewer enemies is always a good thing.
    • Play defensively or play offensively, but choose one and stick to it. Changing your strategy mid-battle will often spell doom.
    • Pay attention to the terrain, as it has a huge affect on combat. Higher ground buffs units, and jungles shield arrow fire, for example.
    • Click and hold the mouse button when attacking for a push attack. You’ll not only damage the enemy unit, you’ll also take their square, shoving them away and ruining their carefully-chosen position.
    • You can win battles by killing the leader or by killing most of the enemy’s army. Choose one, then make it happen as quickly as you can!

    Aztec – Tactical Conquest Battle Formations Guide
    Before entering a battle, choose a unit formation that matches your playing style. This sets your warriors up for offensive or defensive postures to make your march across the empire a little more effective.

    Bear – Places melee fighters at the front, flanked by ranged units with the cavalry in the back. A nice all-purpose formation that plays on each combatant’s attack strengths without leaving the sides vulnerable.

    Fork – A close, clustered formation that puts melee attackers in front, cavalry on the side, and a two-deep group of ranged attackers in the back. Useful for moving forward at a careful pace, but no so great at fending off attacks from the back.

    Wedge – The wedge formation is similar to the bear only with cavalry and melee attackers reversed and in small clumps instead of flat rows. This allows you to move forward quickly without leaving your rear unguarded.

    Hammer – Cavalry in the front, melee attackers on the side, and ranged fighters in the back. This formation’s good for hitting hard and never slowing down. Don’t let opponents get behind you, though, or you’re toast.

    Scorpion – A tricky formation to use, scorpion places melee, ranged and cavalry warriors in a single row, two deep and ready to fight. Your army is highly maneuverable right from the start, letting you pick your tactics after entering the battle and then adopting a new, custom position to suit your surroundings. Recommended for experienced conquerors only!

    Random – Moves all of your fighters in a small crowd. Useful if you aren’t sure which formation to choose, or if you like the challenge of building your own attack patterns as the fight progresses.

    [See the game at: Aztec – Tactical Conquest Tips & Tricks Guide]

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