Top 5 Online Motorbike Games

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Putting the peddle to the metal on a trust two-wheeler is an honored past-time in the realm of Flash Games; some of the most popular ever made have been centric to the premise of some high-octane motorbiking fun.

It’s a more diverse niche than you may realize, though, so we’ve decided to bring to you what we feel are five of the best bikers that popular the web. From crazy stunting to mind-blowing, speedy racing; these are what we consider to be 5 of the best games either revolving around or heavily including motorbikes.

5. Crazycle
Kicking off this list with a true all-rounder of a motorbike game. Crazycle combines the most definitive elements of flash bikers in a fun concoction to keep you engaged in a multitude of ways. Smooth stunting, fast-paced racing and an element of difficulty prominent enough to keep you trying over and over.

Crazycle screenshot

The grounded nature of the physics engine reins the game in from being too implausibly over-the-top but the generally humorous look of every character takes it right back into those absurd territories.

Each mission has bonus objectives to complete that will earn you money with which to upgrade your bike in a few different ways. A time-based roulette game that gives you the potential for more gold and progression spices up an already interesting formula.

With its rewarding upgrades, lighthearted humor, competitive racing and even some good old chance thrown in there too a clear picture should be forming as to why we consider this game an all-rounder. But if it isn’t, we urge you to play it and find out for yourself.

4. Nitro Ninjas
What’s the most sure-fire method of making something more awesome? Combine it with a ninja, of course!

Nitro Ninjas Screenshot

Nitro Ninjas proves comprehensively that this tried-and-tested concept holds true for flash motorcycle games, too. With a simplistic goal of performing tricks and accumulating shurikens this Nitro Ninjas thrives on its grounded physics and speeding flipping which encourage you to get the utmost out of your stunting.

Unique from many other entries into this sub-genre Nitro Ninjas actually allows you to jump whilst on your bike. This opens up gameplay in a surprising amount of ways, giving you all-the-more tricking potential in a game that already wildly encourages you to flip and fly around like a, well, a ninja.

Though it lacks a distinct air of competition the even-more-so distinct air of unfiltered, unchained fun that comes from its preposterously fast-paced aerial maneuvers more than makes up for the fact that you’re leaving nobody in your dust. If you seek a care-free stunt-prone game this one’s just for you.

3. Coaster Racer
Whilst this game may not be purely about motorcycles we just didn’t feel like we could leave it out.

Coaster Racer 3

It includes various vehicles – a motorbike amongst them, don’t worry – and its strength is as straightforward and obvious as they come. It’s one of the best made, most addictive flash racers on the web.

With a dashboard view-point and a huge host of delightfully individual tracks the sleek, precise and honed game-play is brought to the forefront by how well it nails its premise in every other area. The controls are smooth and reactive, the choice in vehicles is diverse enough to warrant interest past an initial play and the inclusion of a nitro boost takes the game from its sometimes measure approach to a more wacky, all-out maddened dash.

Again, we concede it’s not a pure biker game; but it is one of the best pure racers on the web. And if you can get yourself past race 3 – which, given how enthralling this game is, you’ll end up doing almost certainly – you’ll have your coveted bike.

2. Moto x3m
Moto x3m is the first true trials-like game of this list. With its physics and characteristic rag-doll that sends your unfortunate little biker rocketing into the lower-stratosphere more times than you can count its easy to see and immediately obvious how it has improved upon the core premise.

Moto X3m Flash Game Screenshot

The bright, colorful visuals that go hand-in-hand with the zany game-play. The feathery physics engine that encourages you to trick and twirl to your heart’s content. All manner of absolutely ludicrous contraptions, daunting death-traps and whirling blades of visceral death that you’re tasked with sailing over. The game is as over-the-top and extravagant and its all capped off by a timer that you’ll be doing your utmost to out-race by flipping in order to decrease it and replaying levels to get the best possible time.

Moto x3m takes one of the most tested concepts in vehicular-based flash games – the beloved physics-heavy trials game – and takes it to an even more-beloved extreme. We think this is a rightful successor to one of the post endeared concepts in Flash.

1. Johnny Backflip
So what could we possible put above the previous item of this list given the praise we willingly heaped on it? Johnny Backflip.
We love this game for many reasons. The chief of which being that it gives us a very unique concept and proves how diverse a seemingly narrow genre can be given some creativity. It does the unthinkable and thrives in its removal of one of your core, lone abilities in flash biking games: your ability to move forward.

Jonny Backflip Screenshot

Jonny Backflip Screenshot

The titular Johnny Backflip does that for you. He marches tirelessly on as you’re tasked with guiding him on his journey. Doing hazardous, head-spinning tricks as he goes and outfitting his bike with more and more upgrades.

On the topic of the upgrades: they’re top notch. Rarely do we see upgrades so properly expanded upon but both the eccentric and individual play-style and proper care, attention and understanding that were poured into this game brings its master-crafted nature to the forefront.

Whilst it takes some getting used to being that you’re not the one in control this very thing is what provides the game with all of its challenge and uniqueness. We love it for just that, and whilst its a little bit of a divider amongst gamers: if you like it, you’ll REALLY love it. And if you don’t? Well, there are four other items on this list, aren’t there?

Those were out five picks for some of the best and most definitive bikers on the internet. If you’d like to give any of them a whirl you can find them linked above.

As always, have fun and explore a few more! Whilst these are certainly great games there are much more than 5 amazing biking and racing games on the internet! So after you’ve given these a go, if you’re hooked – and we suspect you will be – browse our site to your heart’s content!

Nitro Ninjas: http://www.helpagames.comm/game/nitro-ninjas/
Coaster Racer 3:
Moto x3m:
Johnny Backflip:


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