Robots Can’t Think Tips and Tricks

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Robots Can’t Think is a puzzle platformer chocked full of complexity and intricacy. Tasked with doing the thinking for a cute little robot whom you control, the ways you control are are gradually more complex as the game progresses and the levels keep a likewise pace.
Robots cant think
The best way to progress without dumbfounding yourself on the sheer amount of tools before you is to meticulously plan out each movement.
There are usually many ways to tackle an obstacle; with the full ability to hang and climb from walls allowing you great leeway in terms of your freedom within levels and even space/time warping abilities to augment your creativity there are many ways to skin the proverbial robotic cat.

Before you embark upon each level use your ability to ‘scan’ your environment – a very unique one that fits right into such an intuitive platformer – simply hold down the left mouse button and drag it across the screen to get a view of your surroundings without having to move. An invaluable asset when plotting your course.
If you’re unsure about what to do use your space-warping ability to provide yourself a ‘checkpoint’ you can handily warp back to should you fail. You only get one use of this per level so you’ll have to use it right, but you can always use it as a means of experimentation if you’re stumped.

Also touted is the time-warping feature that makes you invincible and grants you extra speed; necessary to get through some levels if a burst of speed is what you require.
Finally, though this seems obvious it bares repeating in this game particularly – stay on your toes.

Robots Can’t Think mixes both intelligent puzzles and reaction-based time trials that will test both your wits and reflexes. Don’t allow either to catch you off-guard and use everything on the expansive plate before you at your OWN pace.

With all that kept in-mind you should do a great job thinking on behalf of your little robot pal – and even should you fail you can just press reset.


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