Retro Spotlight #5: Dino Run: Marathon Of Doom

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With a gorgeous retro palette, a colour atmosphere and fast-paced, hectic gameplay this game thrives on its very simple goal: run.

That’s all it needs. The gameplay itself, the lovable take on dated graphics and the environments you find yourself traversing are all engaging enough to carry themselves on their own strengths and so the mundane take of “run” was enough for us to lose a fair amount of time in this game’s impressive amount of levels.

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The diversity of challenges the game puts before you is impressive in itself, too. A delightful number of challenges are squeezed from such a simplistic premise.

A control-scheme that mirrors the game in every other aspect: beautiful, engaging simplicity makes it easy to pick up and play at any time. The fact that the game tells you the distance you’ve traveled as well as how close doom follows behind you is a proper prompt to keep on running and it never failed to motivate us to do so through the vibrant, colour landscape of this game.

Dino Run: Marathon of Doom is a properly expanded, fun upgrade to an already popular web-game that fulfills what it sets out to do: provide a light-hearted, addicting runner experience.

Dino Run: Marathon Of Doom:


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