Retro Spotlight #4: Vectoroids

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An entire generation of gamers – if not flat out every gamer everywhere – are intimately familiar with the brilliantly simple premise of Arcade classic ‘Asteroids’. Shoot the Asteroids, fly around, don’t die.

Vectoroids takes this same premise yet throws a few fresh twists to the mix that feel like welcome spoonfuls of sweetening sugar to an already endearing formula.
These twists can be summarized in three main ways. Pace, visuals and variety.

Vectoroids raw

The game plays at a notably much faster pace than the gem itself. As opposed to tactically positioning yourself methodically and calmly you’ll be much more inclined to whizz about the screen like a madman doing your utmost to control yourself.

Visually it has been updated as well. Lifted up from its humble roots Vectoroids has flashy Neon-looking graphics that do the hectic play-style justice with constantly engaging sights.
That brings us to the final – and arguably most important – change. Variety.

Unlike the old-school Arcade game Vectoroids incorporates much more than asteroids. It has a health-bar to replenish, upgrades to earn and enemy ships that will chase you as asteroids haphazardly fly about the screen.

Vectoroids is a very fun tribute to one of gaming’s most renowned gems and we think it does Asteroids proud. We recommend it to anyone looking for a quick shot of nostalgia or just an engaging time-killer that you can easily drop in and out of.

If you’d like to try this game, it’s linked below for your enjoyment. Have fun!



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