Retro Spotlight #2: Counter Terror

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Play Counter Terror here!

Often games pay homage to the style of yesteryear to no avail, not truly capturing what made that era of games so special and unique – Counter Terror is not one of those games.

With sleek 8 bit graphics and a retro soundtrack that can challenge nearly any of the greats, this shoot-em-up platformer hits all the right nostalgic notes to be a hit with anyone who gamed during that era.

And even if you didn’t? You can still eek hours of game-play out of Counter Terror thanks to it being a well-made shooter with easy-to-learn yet engaging game-play that manages to reward both slow-paced thoughtfulness and honed reflexes. It also boasts an impressive variety in the levels and challenges within them to keep you shooting up pixelated baddies to your heart’s content.
In summary, Counter Terror is a game that – in terms of its visuals and stunningly catchy audio – throws you back to the 8 bit era in a second, but in terms of its smooth, fluid game-play reminds you just how much progress we’ve made since then.

An apt play for anyone seeking a fun little game to dump minutes or hours into that has its own level of replay ability.


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