House Of Wolves Strategy Guide

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House of Wolves is a game that sets you on a grand journey of Vengeance as you attempt to take retribution on the Villainous Lord Vilereck for usurping the crown – the game-play is unique in that it is an RTS game such as Starcraft and Age of Empires, yet it is in a side-scrolling 2D format.

With such a unique take on the genre the game-play is as multifaceted as you’d imagine with a score of small chores like collecting wood and assuring your growing army is properly fed dancing on the edges of the all-important focus of the game – sword-swinging, shield-bashing bloody battle.

Here we’ll guide you to glory in those battles by outlining some of the more effective methods and strategies within them.

House of Wolves

First thing’s first – as said, House of Wolves happens entirely on a 2D plane and, as such, your territory sprawls out and can become quite difficult to manage. Micro-managing everything that happens in your eventually quite vast empire can be quite difficult and so properly managing your space in the early stages of the game to properly set yourself up for later on.

Begin your game by creating huts at any mines you find, properly outfit them with settlers to reap the resources in those mines as well as sending some of them on woodcutting duty and you’ll find yourself with a steady enough influx of materials to keep you going for a while. Roughly a third of your population going to this endeavor should be adequate.

Remember to guard the borders of your main encampments with soldiers – there’s no telling exactly how many you’ll need as any potential threat fluctuates with the difficulty setting so this is down to a judgment call but remember that right now you’ll want your focus to be establishing your territory and attaining a good inflow of resources, so don’t allow your reach to exceed your grasp when allotting these guardsmen.

The rest of your population should be devoted to scouting out past the Eastern and Western borders of the map in order to expand and tighten your grip on the world around you – don’t ignore the need for food as without enough of it your armies won’t function to the fullest of their capabilities. A pig farm for every couple huts you have will suffice.

Do your utmost to cluster your civilians and soldiers as best you can. Micro-manage the resource-gathering portion of your Kingdom as you see fit but any other squadron should be kept closely knit and composed of the necessary soldiers to deal with whatever you may find as you expand or defend your territory.

If the threat you face as you slowly creep outwards is too great build a tower – a mounted bastion of defense that will give you two archers worth of arrows constantly being flung at any nearby enemy. A stone tower is much more effective but remember to keep a close eye on your resources as they’re also notably more costly.

The final piece of information I can bestow upon you to get you off to a running start are the particular threats you will face. To the West lie monsters who even have the occasional tendency to raid your camps and to the East the more obvious and central villains, the enemy soldiers of the King you seek to forcibly impeach.

Other than that everything is down to your judgment but this strategy guide will give your feet a firm planting as you brave a new world teeming with monsters out for your blood and soldiers looking to tear down the walls which you have built – on the harder difficulties you should even be wary of tandem assaults between the two.

We hope this guide helped you as the game can certainly be unforgiving as you turn the difficulty levels up through their various notches. The only thing left for you to do now is put this knowledge to proper use and carve your own path to the treacherous Lord Vilereck!


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