Tinysasters 2

Tinysasters 2

Tinysasters 2 is a strategy game in which disaster could strike at any moment. It sounds like our digestive tract during a first date, but thankfully it's an awesome civ builder by the creators of Demons vs. Fairyland and This Is Not a Minimalist Game,

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  • Game Instructions

    Use the mouse to control.

    Resume the training missions if you’re lost
    Click on a tile to build stuff on it.
    forest → sawmill
    grasslands → city, farm, temple, factory, school
    ocean → blue shrine
    mountain → grey shrine, nexus
    desert → nothing!

    The age is the level of your best city. You have a level 4 city → age 4

    First thing to do: click on a grasslands tile, build a city.

    When a building is not available, it means that your civilization is not advanced enough.

    To build shrines, you must build a temple first.