Sudden Aviator

Sudden Aviator

Fight your way through massive amount of explosions in this fast-paced arena shooter.
In middle of thrilling action you will need to fly through clouds, combine power-ups for massive destruction, and use different tactics to outsmart unique enemies.
Upgrade your ship, stop enemy’s evil plans, collect trophies, and become a most famous flying ace in history of wars.

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  • Game Instructions

    - move the ship - WASD or ARROWS on keyboard
    - aim - move the mouse around screen
    - fire ( shoot ) - press and hold left mouse button ( release to stop shooting and save special ammo )
    - special attack ( EMP ) - once EMP gauge is at least half full press SPACE ( or X / Z / Y / RCTRL / or any NUMPAD key ) to detonate and destroy all enemies in range

    Complete the game ( destroy Death Star boss ) on casual mode to unlock hardcore mode.