Pirateers 2

Pirateers 2

Prove you can be a pirate captain in Pirateers 2. Guide your fleet to the legendary treasure while battling the royal navy, trading goods, and robbing merchants.

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  • Game Instructions

    Mouse Control
    - Left click to steer ship
    - Right click to shoot
    (Go to the options menu to swap the left click and right click functions)

    - [A,D] or [Left,Right] to turn
    - [W,S] or [Up,Down] to adjust speed
    - [Space] bar to shoot
    - [Tab] key to switch weapons
    - [Shift] or [M] to open minimap
    - [Z,X,C] to start quest
    - [`] to cancel quest
    - [1,2,3] to activate crew's abilities

    You can enable/disable tutorial in the options menu.