Game Spotlight #7: Earn to Die 2: Exodus

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The zombie apocalypse is here. The military is being pushed back. There is only one out, the last evacuation ship leaving port soon. To get there you’re gonna have to jump in souped up car and power across the country; ploughing through anything in your way!

Earn to Die 2 Exodus

The first thing that I noticed about Earn to Die 2 is its somewhat impressive voice acting and production values. Its not something you see that often in small flash games. Graphically Earn to Die is basic, but more than pleasing enough to get the job done. Its got a rather foot tapping rock soundtrack backing it up which I’m quite fond of.

The objective of Earn to Die to reach the end area of each level. Between you and that is a bunch of zombies looking to feast upon your sweet tasty brains and some very inconveniently placed boxes, all of which will slow you down and use up precious fuel. You only have limited fuel so you’re not going to make it on the first try. But the further and faster you go, and the more zombies you splatter with your car, the more cash you’ll earn for upgrades. There is a nice little selection to choose from. More fuel, boosts, armour, wheel traction; each are useful and you’ll sometimes struggle for what to choose next. What I really like is that each upgrade is visually shown on your car; a nice little touch.

Reaching the end of the level unlocks a new vehicle and a new map to play on. There is a nice progression of difficulty as you proceed. You’ll need to think up new strategies and be more fuel efficient to squeeze every last dollar out of a run you can. You’ll need plenty of practice if you want to top the leader-board.

Overall, Earn to Die 2: Exodus is a fun little game and will easily give a few hours run. The levels are big enough that you can explore new routes and will keep bringing you back for more.

Play it here!


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