Game Spotlight #1: UFO Black Storm Shield

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Ever wanted to take a classic video game to its logical extremes?

Maybe give Pong a dose of steroids or supercharge Tetris? It seems someone may have had the same idea and turned Space Invaders up to 11.

Scoffing in the face of its roots; UFO Black Storm Shield takes that game-play and transforms it into something new.

UFO: Blackstorm Shield can be divided up into two categories.

On one hand is the game-play: Space Invaders with the twist that first to shoot you need to GET shot. Yes, before you can mount an assault you need to absorb enemy’s energy blasts. This adds a layer of strategy and thought to proceedings; you must ration out the energy with which you defend yourself or you’ll be left helpless at pivotal times.

This gives you a delicate balance, forcing you to do real thinking in the face of an overwhelming fleet of foes.

On the other hand is the strategies within the buildings you create. You’re given a generous amount of building room and a wide array of buildings that all do something different; shield your town, provide you with a new weapon, you can even sap and give energy to them.

All of this means that alongside carefully plotting your next move to assure you have necessary energy you’ll be putting as much thought into the layout of your city.
Ultimately, UFO BSS is a game that takes its concept and executes it tremendously, leaving Space Invaders trembling in its boots.

Play it here


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