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        • Command

          Lead your minions to their destiny! Whether it is conquering or defending medieval realms, alien planets, fantasy kingdoms or modern time battlegrounds: you are in charge. Want more power? Try our god games.

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        • Compete

          Do you love sports or the challange in multiplayer games? Want to team up with friends in coop games or test your reflexes in a variety of skill games? Good luck!

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        • Create

          Do you want to build up a vast empire, manage all kind of businesses from a tiny ice cream shop to an international conglomerate? What about developing a city or drilling down to the earth‘s core. Don’t like construction? Try demolition!

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        • Explore

          Meet the unreal: robots, pirates, wizards, dragons, monster and aliens. Want to play the hero in a RPG? Just do it! You are not chicken-hearted? Then play the horror games. Or take it easy with some classic jump and run or retro games

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        • Fight

          Fight zombies and ninjas, enter medieval arenas, compete in first-person shooters, command tanks on the battlefield or enjoy some retro shooting action. Want it more abstract? Check out the Stickman games.

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        • Race

          Find the fastest and most powerful games on this plattform: Aircrafts, bikes, boats, cars, trucks and monster trucks. You can fly, race, clear the way and prove your skills in delivering dangerous cargo or in parking your vehicle.

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        • Relax

          For unwinding after a long day. Enjoy arts, music, colours and games that make you laugh. Not abstract enough? Try the non-games. Still got some brainpower left? Then try a puzzle or a maze game!

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        • Think

          Want to rack your brain? Try mindboggling puzzle platformers, room escape games, logic thinking, hidden object and board and word games. Still not challenging enough? Try the very hard games!

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