Retro Spotlight #6: Enough Plumbers 2

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Ahh the olden days of gaming. Times were simpler back in the day. You had your moustachioed plumber who wanted to fight a dinosaur for the Princess while eating loads of height altering mushrooms. So simple. So thankfully here is Enough Plumbers to bring us back to that retro era; with a slight twist to go with it.

Enough Plumbers 2

You play as a heroic blue overall clad plumber in a pixilated land of wonder and a brilliant 8-bit soundtrack to go with it! Your goal is to reach the flag at the end of each level. But its not as simple as jumping on a few platforms, this also a puzzle game. Some of the levels can only be beaten by making clever using of its cloning and ability mechanics.

When your little man, lets call him Blueio, hits a coin, another one will spawn there in its place. These clones are completely expendable; only one has to reach the flag. You’ll be sacrificing the majority of them in pursuit of your goal! Whimsical stuff this is. Along the way you’ll pick up certain upgrades that will let you walk through fire balls or turn you into iron, making you heavier and allowing you to smash certain walls. Some levels have switches that can only be operated by multiple Blueios. It very much puts me in the mind of Pikman and that’s a good thing.

There is a certain dark humour in playing Enough Plumbers. Its so happy and your little Blueios cheer as they are spawned its hard not to laugh when they are slaughtered en-mass on the way to the flag. You’ll cheer when you finally manage to get more than one to the end zone!

Enough Plumbers 2 is a great little game and a refreshing twist on a retro formula. I guarantee you’ll have great fun trying to figure out its challenging puzzles and conquering its platforming sections.


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