Cursed Treasure 2 Strategy Guide

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Ever wondered what it would be like to embrace Emperor Palpatine’s sage-like advice and “let the hate flow through you”? How it would feel to go over to the irrevocably dark side and play the role of the fiendish villain who orders around legions of minions form his seat of power high atop his menacing castle.
Cursed Treasure 2
Cursed Treasure 2 provides you with exactly that opportunity packaged in an easy to learn yet satisfyingly challenging Tower Defense game.

Assuming the mantle of that trademark villain as you guard your treasure-troves of gems against would-be Heroes seeking to plunder your riches Cursed Treasure 2 is – much like its predecessor – a downright time-eater that’l gobble up minutes and hours with scary easy.

But how can you best put those minutes and hours to use? That’s what we’re here for, so lets dive straight into helping you best put your dastardly assets to best use. The most basic advice that will serve as the best foundation to build future strategies is to most effectively make use of what’s around you. Go for those gold mines early, it goes without saying but the faster you take a gold mine the longer you will reap the benefits of its income. Whilst they may not be very substantial on their own the extra time you have them for certainly is.

Staying on the subject of your surroundings, Cursed Treasure 2 is a very intuitive game and, as such, rewards the player for thinking with an abundance of common sense – towers built on high tiles have a 50% increase to their range. This is a huge help if used correctly, centering your fortifications properly around the high ground is pivotal to completing levels.
That’s not to say your fortifications are your only means of defense, though, as a grade A villain you have access to a wide array of spells you can fling around of your own power for the means of obliterating any who would attempt to do you wrong, and these spells are bolstered by a set of skills.

These skills draw from a pool of mana, meaning you have limited usage of them per level. Between levels, however, your roguish proxy takes a cat-nap and rejuvenates his magical energies, meaning every point of mana you DON’T use in a level is a wasted point – don’t be over the top and wasteful in your usage, but if you’re nearing the end of a level and have a good portion of your mana bar left some extravagance can go a long way.

Unlike many games Cursed Treasure 2 allows you to call a do-over on these skills at any point in the game; feel completely free to mix and match your skills to the needs of the current level.
Remember, though some skills are useful throughout others will be much more and less useful in certain levels than others – this is thanks to the various enemies you will fight and what they are each resistant and weak against – so proper experimentation to discern what works best in each particular situation is key to making the most of your own ability.
On the note of not being wasteful, scrolls are a cherished rarity that should only be appropriately used since you don’t know when or if you’ll get your next. Save them for a particularly powerful or bothersome Hero to make the most out of them.

That’s the length and breadth of the basic advice we can give you to help you succeed in your wicked quest to safeguard your fortunes against those pesky heroes – the rest you can only really learn by jumping headfirst into the game and playing it for yourself.

All we can do now is wish you luck and at least hope you take it just a little easy on the good guys.


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