Presenting Little Lamp Story!

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Little Lamp Story

Check out our newest game Little Lamp Story! Play here!

Check out this nice short adventure platforming game with hand-drawn graphics and a colorful steampunk world.

Beautiful adventure which features hand-drawn graphics and a colorful world in a steampunk setting. The goal in the game is to help the inhabitants of this artful world to find their lost items.

Retro Spotlight #3: Super Mario 63

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Supermario 63

Play it here!
Some of the best Flash Games come about as original ideas. Whilst some others are spawned as loving homages to great franchises. Re-imaginings of much-beloved stalwarts. A new, flash-based twist on something we all already adore.

Super Mario 63 is a game along the lines of the latter. Except it doesn’t just tribute one Mario game …

Game Spotlight #4: Trinitas

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Trinitas raw

Play it here!

Trinitas is a Tower Defense game. But not a usual Tower Defense Game. It’s not a top-down, building-placing affair as they usually are. Trinitas concocts a surprisingly in-depth experience by joining the merits of a Tower Defense game with that of a shooter on a horizontal plane.

You assume control of a character – one of …

Presenting Wisp!

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Check out our newest game Wisp! Play here!

It is a quite challenging avoider game with relaxing graphics and cool particle effects. How long can you survive?

A simple game which plays with particles, gravity, and avoider mechanics. As much a toy as it is a game, it provides a relaxing atmosphere while the player can enjoy the particle …

Game Spotlight #3: Clear The Ice

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Clear the Ice

Clear the Ice will challenge nearly every aspect of your thinking. Strategic, lateral, tactical and predictive. Given the obvious task of, well, clearing the ice, you can only actually remove this colored ice if it falls into a grouping of two or more.Though the concept is simple the level of thought and planning that goes into it as you meticulously …

Presenting Clear the Ice!

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Clear the Ice raw

Check out our newest game Clear the Ice! Play here!

Clear the ice is a challenging puzzle game where you need to think carefully about your moves!

Clear the Ice is a puzzle game that will challenge your ability to think several moves into the future! Click groups of ice blocks to shatter them and make room for other blocks …

Game Spotlight #2: Immense Army

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Immense Army

Idles games are a unique genre. Though you can outright ignore their gameplay, allowing them to progress on their own, they can be some of the most engaging, immersive and difficult to break free of games out there – Immense Army proves this trend true with a fresh, unique take on them.

Given a quick tutorial of the game that …

Cursed Treasure 2 Strategy Guide

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Cursed Treasure 2

Play Cursed Treasure 2 here!

Ever wondered what it would be like to embrace Emperor Palpatine’s sage-like advice and “let the hate flow through you”? How it would feel to go over to the irrevocably dark side and play the role of the fiendish villain who orders around legions of minions form his seat of power high atop his …

Robots Can’t Think Tips and Tricks

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Robots cant think

Robots Can’t Think is a puzzle platformer chocked full of complexity and intricacy. Tasked with doing the thinking for a cute little robot whom you control, the ways you control are are gradually more complex as the game progresses and the levels keep a likewise pace.

The best way to progress without dumbfounding yourself on the sheer amount of tools …

Presenting Cryoborg!

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Check out our newest game Cryoborg! Play here!

Cryoborg is a retro game boy style platforming shooter.

Take control of the Cyroborg, a military grade cybernetic organism sent on a mission to locate the source of a powerful anomaly and eliminate it before it becomes a threat. A top secret enemy base nested in the heart of an hostile dark …