5 Of The Best Online Adventure Games

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Sometimes you want a real adventure to immerse yourself into. Your own grand, winding tale. Check out our list consisting of 5 of the best online adventure games you can find for free!

No matter what the genre, these are what we consider five of the best Adventure Games you can find in our expansive Helpa Games library.

These games aren’t strictly ones that fall under the “Adventure” category of our Helpa Archives; just ones we feel aptly capture the air of intrigue you may be looking for in an adventure game.

The Book of Living MagicPlay The Book of Living Magic for free online here at Helpa Games!

To be one the best online Adventure Game, a game doesn’t necessarily need to be fast-paced or intense in its gameplay to captivate and engage you. It can be a modest point-and-click game that seeks to challenge your mind instead of your reflexes and reaction time.

The Book of Living Magic raw

The Book of Living Magic is one such game. With an exceptionally charming atmosphere chocked full of a huge variety of strange, weird creatures and gameplay that will keep you thinking, guessing and trying to puzzle out the way forward.

TBoLM is a game that vies to and succeeds in challenging you mentally as it sets you off on an impressively epic journey given its innate strict technological confines.

The game places its emphasis and focus on storytelling in order to make up for its lack of action and plays to a slow, methodical thoughtful pace throughout with great results. It caps off all of its thoughtful efforts with a soundtrack that sets the tone perfectly.

EndeavorPlay Endeavor for free online here at Helpa Games!

Games with branching endings are a delightful rarity in Flash Games. Endeavor counts itself amongst those scarce, vaunted ranks as a game with three differing ending that change based on how you tackle the game.


A unique atmosphere and a broad world to explore. Endeavor – in order to play to the strengths of its multiple endings – heavily encourages exploration. It’s scarily easy to allow a few hours to slip through your grasp as you trek through this virtual world in search of some of the game’s charming secrets or the key to one or all of those endings.

Though this game doesn’t have much going for it in terms of gameplay we’ll forgive that as – much like the previous list item – it places its weight on storytelling, not hectic action and succeeds in its attempted approach. This is thanks to its lovingly crafted game-world brimming with NPCs.

If you liked the previous list item you can’t go wrong with this likewise very thoughtful, story-based game. However, if you want something with a hint more action…?

Dragon RescuePlay Dragon Rescue for free online here at Helpa Games!

Dragon Rescue gives you the lofty task of saving the last dragon. Surely that premise is one worthy of even the most ardent adventurers.

Dragon Rescue

Dragon Rescue

A top-down shooter with two different control schemes to suit your preferred style of movement – full mouse-control or WASD. Dragon Rescue starts off at a comfortable, leisurely place and slowly escalates the challenge at a rate that never seems unfair to the player. You won’t find yourself left behind as this Adventure does a fantastic job of introducing you to new enemies and mechanics as you progress onwards.

That’s not to say it doesn’t hold its own level of difficulty, though. Just like its clear inspiration – the top-down shooters of gaming’s yesteryear – Dragon Rescue can have some dastardly difficulty towards its later levels and its plethora of challenging, area-ending bosses.

Dragon Rescue also encourages the levels of variation we love to see in this genre through in-depth upgrades that bolster the standard style of play as opposed to offering new approaches. This falls right in-line with the general atmosphere this game promotes as well as offering some diversity in gameplay.

Monster’s Den ChroniclesPlay Monster Den Chronicles for free online here at Helpa Games!

Who doesn’t love a good old dungeon-crawling RPG? Make full use of your personally crafted squad of heroes in a massively varying amount of ways to tread through the darkened halls of a deadly dungeon in constant search of loot, riches and more loot.

Monster Den Chronicles raw

The appeal of this game comes from its intelligent, thoughtful turn-based combat. Combat that benefits greatly from how diverse and unique each character is: the game doing an excellent job of making them all different enough from one-another to promote choice as one of the foremost parts of this game.

Another way in which MSD pushes choice to the forefront is the amount of ways you can customize campaign, right down to choosing the penalty for death. Don’t forget the stats which serve to separate each character more-so and allow you a greater, more stern hand in shaping their development.
All of this meshes together to create a grandiose adventure with just as much replayability in its gameplay as any.

Dragon BoyPlay dragon boy for free online here at Helpa Games!

We’ve already had a game that has you saving dragons on this list – now how about raising them? Dragon Boy puts you in the boots of the titular Dragon Boy as he attempts to raise a dragon in order to battle alongside him.

Dragon Boy

The game itself is an action role-playing game with combat that can be as fast and intuitive as any. Move your Hero in a top-down view and swing your blade at any foe dumb enough to cross you. A huge amount of weapons and armour to use and your dragon-pal making a satisfying impact on Gameplay are some of the key selling points.

The others being a well-constructed story to keep you engaged with what’s happening in-front of you and a world made broad enough to send the lust for adventure coursing through any Hero worth their salt’s veins.

This game offers a little bit of everything: apt storytelling, a large world, gameplay that can be both slow and fast-paced that’s exciting and diverse throughout. For that reason we think it deserves its place at the top of this list of Adventure Games.

But those are just our opinions and we have many more Adventure Games to offer on Helpagames; why not get out there and sample a few more? What adventure games do you consider the best online adventure games?

If any of these caught your eye you can find them linked just beside the games name.


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